The DOMFORUM is the community centre of the catholic church of Cologne and the visitors’ centre of Cologne cathedral.

We offer a wide range of information on faith, church, culture and the city as well as guided tours in the cathedral, the treasury of the cathedral and the various romanesque churches in cologne. In the DOMFORUM you find an opportunity for reflection and meditation, we sympathetically listen to your requests and your opinions and we take our time for conversation and counselling. During the day you can also just sit down for while to escape the hectic pace of the inner city and enjoy a cup of coffee. Furthermore the DOMFORUM is a place for cultural events, lectures and discussions concerning religious and political topics in the evenings.


If you want out find out more about us or the cathedral you can visit us just across the square from the main entrance to the cathedral, you are always welcome at the DOMFORUM.



General Information about our guided tours:

  • All tours in Cologne cathedral have to be registered and may be conducted only by authorized or registered cathedral guides. Private persons, groups or travel agencies must therefore book a guided tour through the DOMFORUM.
  • Tickets for our public guided tours are available for individuals and smaller groups up to 8 people. Larger groups have to book a private group guided tour.
  • All guided tours in the cathedral (except primary schools) have to use a tour guide system, consisting of microphone/transmitter and headphones/receivers, which we provide for the tours. The fee is always included in our prices.
  • All churches are primarily places of worship. Therefore changes on short notice due to special service can be possible.
  • Please inform yourself on the website of the cathedral about the general rules inside the cathedral.


For additional information about guided tours at Cologne Cathedral please contact us via email (fuehrung@domforum.de) or phone under +49221 925847 -30 (Mo - Thu 10 am -12 noon and 1 pm – 3 pm, Fr 10 am – 12 noon)